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3. Creating A Better Connected Government

You deserve a representative that is accessible and listens to you, even if we don't always agree. As a member of council, I have always made myself available to residents and sought to keep an open line of communication. Whether that is hosting coffee hours for constituents, maintaining a presence online on Facebook and through my website, or freely giving time to hear you out, it's part of who I am. I welcome your ideas and input, and am happy to help solve problems brought to my attention by our residents. 

But being open is just part of what we need. It is apparent to most that the city could benefit from enhanced communications and it's what I intend to keep pushing for. I'll work to introduce improvements to our web presence, and pursue greater use of social media. More importantly, I am backing the creation of a city mobile app to serve as a one stop shop for city business. Systems are available on market that would allow residents to report issues and track progress towards resolution, and to receive important updates from city hall. I believe this tech help us create transparency and additionally helps the city to organize and follow through every single time. Technology can help us improve service to our residents and we should be using it to the greatest extent possible. 

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